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  • Social Security disability income shouldn’t mean you don’t qualify for a mortgage

    More than 15 million people receive Social Security disability income every year. For those relying on this income, qualifying for a mortgage can unfortunately become a challenge when lenders ask for proof of how long they will receive their benefits. Today, we’re reminding lenders that placing unnecessary documentation requirements on recipients of Social Security disability […]

  • HECM Non-Borrowing Spouses Renew Class Certification Attempts

    Plaintiffs advocating for spousal rights in existing Home Equity Conversion Mortgages are renewing their motion for class certification, citing circumstances surrounding two instances of foreclosures under interim government policy. Collection & Credit Risk

  • Collection Agency Charged with $4.1M Fraud

    A Georgia-based collection agency and seven employees are facing fraud charges after a federal investigation revealed tactics that prosecutors believe convinced more than 6,000 people to pay the firm an estimated $ 4.1 million in purported debts, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday. Collection & Credit Risk