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  • Painful Mortgage Memories Ebb, But Reform Obstacles Persist

    Negative attitudes in Washington toward the mortgage industry are starting to thaw, yet devising Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s exit from conservatorship or charting the future of housing finance reform still will be tough. News

  • Settled in full or Paid in Full?

    Is it better to settle a debt with “Settled in Full” or “Paid in Full” notation on the credit report? During the credit repair process it is often necessary to settled a debt. Doing it the right way can help improve the credit scores and eliminate future problems. What is the difference in “Settled in […]

  • Court Shuts Down Credit Repair Scam That Impersonates FTC

    A federal court has halted the operations of a company that calls itself “FTC Credit Solutions.” The company allegedly used false affiliation with the FTC to market bogus credit repair services to Spanish-speaking consumers. Collection & Credit Risk