A judgment can issued against a Texas resident if they do not respond to or lose a lawsuit failed against them. The judge has issued a ruling the consumer owes the creditor the money. In an attempt to resolve a judgment a consumer must pay the holder of the judgment the amount due on the judgment. Many consumers do not realize that judgments can possibly accrue a minimum interest rate and increase in value every day. After payment the judgment creditor should release the judgment. Often you will need to resolve a judgment in order to purchase a home or obtain other financing.

Judgment Negotiation

While no one can guarantee that a judgment creditor will take less than the full value of the judgment, sometimes they will accept less than full balance to be paid today. Our job is to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your position and present them to the judgment creditor. Our goal is to present your offer in the best light in an attempt to get the judgment creditor to accept it.

We then create the release of judgment, help transfer the funds to settleĀ  the judgment, and file the release in the appropriate county. We make settling a judgment convenient and convenient for our clients.

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