LoanNow LLC Judgment?

LoanNow LLC can stop the purchase or sale of a home, freeze your bank account, or go after any other unprotected assets in Texas. We can help you settle or otherwise resolve your issues with LoanNow LLC.

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  • Texas Partial Release

    You may not have to pay LoanNow LLC

  • Bill of Review / Vacate of Judgment

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Cost to Settle with LoanNow LLC

Under $2K

  • 2 Month Payment Plan Allowed

$2K - $5K

  • 3 Month Payment Plan Allowed

$5K to $8K

  • 4 Month Payment Plan Allowed

$8K to $11K

  • 5 Month Payment Plan Allowed

$11K to $20K

  • 8 Month Payment Plan Allowed


  • Payment Plan Allowed

Texas Partial Release

If you are selling your homestead and purchasing another homestead inside the State of Texas then you may not have to pay LoanNow LLC to sell your home. You can apply for a Texas Partial Release of Judgment Lien under Section 52.0012 of the Texas property code. There are strict noticing guidelines to make sure the partial release of judgment lien is valid. You could have to notice over 4 different locations and entities via certified mail, return receipt requested.

We offer a free consultation and affordable fees to assist you in obtaining a partial release of judgment lien in Texas.

Partial Release

  • Per Partial Release Packet

Bill of Review / Vacate Judgment

There are many reasons that you may want to try to vacate a judgment in Texas. One of the main reasons is that our client did not get served with the original lawsuit. In Texas, you can file a lawsuit against LoanNow LLC within four (4) years of the signing of the judgment against you. You are asking a judge to “vacate” the the original judgment against you.

We are experienced in Bill of Review and Vacate Judgment lawsuits that can often yield good results for our clients.


$150000initial retainer
  • $500 per month during litigation