Apartment Debt Collection

Hiring the Ramos Law Firm may help you achieve your goals faster and with less cost than trying to do yourself.

Benefits to you by hiring us:

  • Debt Collectors can no longer contact you

  • We know the law and how to enforce your rights

  • Put our experience and knowledge to work for you

  • We can file lawsuits for debt collector abuse or violating your rights

    (Often at no money upfront from you)

  • Flat Fee Pricing. No Hourly Fees.

How does the Ramos Law Firm help you?

There are a two main methods that The Ramos Law Firm uses to resolve an apartment debt collection appearing on a credit report. When you hire our firm we first interview you to see what your version of events are and explain what can be possibly achieved given the facts.

1. Dispute We believe that direct disputes  yield the best results when we are hired. Texas residents are owed documentation to validate the apartment debt collection within certain time frames. Even if they provide the documents, they must be compliant with Texas Property Code § 92 and Texas Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Your rights give us the opportunity to possibly find violations. Violations can possibly be used to offset the amount owed or entice the debt collector to remove the account from the credit report. Often a dispute process can take 45-90 days for a resolution.

2. Settle If you settle the apartment debt, we are often able to assist you in less than 30 days and with a cheaper legal fees. We create a Hardship letter detailing why you can not pay the full amount due. So many consumers do not go through this extra step and it will make you stand out.  We ask for removal of the account from the credit report as part of the settlement. This is often called a Pay for Delete agreement. We then obtain a written agreement that states the terms of the agreement, the full release of claims, and stating whether they will delete the account from the credit report. You review this before you make payment to them.

Texas Apartment Debt Collectors

In Texas most apartment debt collection comes from the list of apartment debt collectors below. We routinely work with all of them.

  • Alexander Rose and Associates
  • Blakely-Witt
  • Fair Collections and Outsourcing (FCO)
  • Hunter Warfield
  • IQ Data International Inc.
  • National Credit Audit Corporation (NCAC)
  • National Credit Systems
  • NCC Business Services
  • Procollect
  • Professional Debt Mediation
  • RentDebt
  • ResidentData
  • RS Clark and Associates, Inc.
  • Southern Management Systems
  • Southwest Recovery Services
  • Tenant Tracker / TT Marketing Inc.
  • TSI

Apartment leases and property leases inside the State of Texas are governed by Texas Property Code § 92 and Texas Finance Code § 392. This property code lays out the rights and obligations of the tenant and landlord a residential lease situation. The apartment debt collection companies must follow Texas Property Code and Texas Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in collection efforts.

I am being denied an apartment.

Many of our clients are being denied an apartment rental because of a past issue like a broken lease or damages to a previous apartment. We can quickly help you resolve these issues, often at a severely reduced amount, from what the debt collector is trying to collect. Given more time we can help you dispute and attempt to violations that may dismiss the debt. We are fast and affordable. No hourly billing.

I have an eviction judgment

No problem. We will often negotiate the eviction judgment at the same time as we negotiate the debt collection. We will file  the release of judgment with the appropriate JP court.

The debt collector is not on my credit report. Why am I still having to deal with this?

Apartment complexes review more than just your credit report. They have access to rental databases that keep track of evictions, broken leases, etc. You will have to clear up the issues that these databases have in them before you can rent from that apartment complex

Can I just pay a double deposit or more and not have to deal with this?

That is one possibility. But keep in mind that when you pay a higher deposit that is money you may not get back. You may want to consider to putting the money that you would have spent on a double deposit to getting rid of the apartment debt so you do not have to put down deposits. Ask us how.