I was appalled after reading this article about an Indiana family that was eventually denied housing due to mistake on the credit report from a medical bill  that stemmed from a recent heart transplant for their son.

Snodgrass said she was sitting in the family’s former home at Christmastime when she received word of an errant credit report that claimed a medical billing company…not a landlord…had evicted her from the home she was currently living in.

“I don’t know how they can put an eviction on it,” said Snodgrass. “Medical companies can’t evict you.”


Apparently the debt collector made a mistake and the credit bureau was not able to help Ms. Snodgrass correct the error. Instead they asked her to prove that something that did not happen really did not happen.

Unfortunately what happened to this family happens to Texas residents often. Our law firm can be hired at a flat rate to resolve issues like this on behalf of consumers. If appropriate we can file a lawsuit to obtain the justice a client deserves. If you are having problems obtaining a final resolution with a credit bureau or debt collector, call us today at (214) 506-2500, email cs@txclf.com, or schedule a free in person or phone conversation at Consultation


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