EOS / CCA is a debt collector that often collects on AT&T Wireless debt and often reports on consumers credit reports negatively. Because of the negative credit reporting consumers can be denied a home loan, auto loan, or employment. It is important to resolve and possibly remove this  debt collection from a credit report and other databases.

EOS / CCA  information is:

700 Longwater Dr
Norwell, MA 02061

Phone: (781) 753-4000
Web: www.eos-cca.com

Our law firm can be hired to represent you to resolve issues with EOS / CCA . For over a decade we have been helping Texas consumers resolve issues with debt collectors that report erroneous or negative information on their credit report. Once hired we interview the client to see what happened and given the situation we can make a recommendations on how to proceed. We will gather the relevant documents and have the credit repair attorney evaluate under Texas Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) , Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and any other applicable statutes. Sometimes our clients do decide to settle with the debt collector. If a client settles, then we create a contract for the creditor to sign that releases our client from the remaining amount and describes how it will be reported on the credit report. Most clients want the negative apartment collection removed from their credit report and other databases. In extreme cases, we enter lawsuits against the debt collector.

You don’t have to face any Debt Collector alone!

To hire a Consumer Credit Attorney and the law firm to fight EOS / CCA, call today (214) 556-2300 or email cs@txclf.com .

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Since 2003, Chris Ebert has been working as a Paralegal at law firms that help client's with their credit issues. You can contact him directly at chris@txclf.com or (214) 736-3845

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