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Imagine being told that you owe money for a debt you’ve already paid. It’s not only annoying, but frustrating, right? Not to mention expensive and time-consuming.

That’s what happened to Higinio when he found a debt on his credit report that he had paid multiple times. For years, he tried to work with the credit card company to remove the debt from his record, but they were insistent that he owed them money. Hundreds of dollars and countless calls later, Higinio submitted a complaint with the help of his friend Marta by accessing resources on consumerfinance.gov/es.

“The help in Spanish was amazing because I understand English, but it´s not the same when you
have a problem and try to explain it in a language that´s not yours; it´s never the same.”

We understand that navigating the financial marketplace can be confusing and that language can often be an additional barrier for many people. We’re glad that Higinio got the assistance he needed, and that we were able to offer him resources that he found helpful.

To share your story or learn more about our Spanish language resources, visit us at consumerfinance.gov/yourstory.

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