Millions of young people enter the workforce every day without basic money management skills. The financial decisions they make in the beginning of their working lives can affect their financial success in the future. Developing healthy financial habits early on helps young people better access services and products that can help them save, invest, and build credit.

We’re working with the Department of Labor to increase youth financial capability across the country at this crucial stage when young people are starting to enter the workforce. Organizations like the National League of Cities will work with us to discuss this program with cities across the country. Our program will provide targeted technical assistance in up to 25 municipalities, and we’ll work with local leaders to integrate financial knowledge and skills-building services into existing youth employment and training programs. We’ll learn and share the most effective ways to help youth make the most of their paychecks.

How to participate

We’ll work with approximately 25 municipalities across the country that offer year-round youth employment programs. Please keep in mind this is not an opportunity for a grant, contract, sub-contract, or funding. This program will only provide technical assistance to existing year-round youth employment programs. To see if your municipality might be a good fit, check out the criteria for submission and email us a letter of interest by April 20, 2015.

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