National Credit Systems, Inc. phone number is 404-629-9595

National Credit Systems problems?

Hiring the Ramos Law Firm can help you achieve your goals. Benefits to you by hiring us:

  • National Credit Systems can no longer contact you

  • We enforce your rights

  • We work for a permanent resolution in your favor

  • We know how to get results

  • We can file lawsuits for debt collector abuse or violating your rights

  • Flat Fee Pricing. No Hourly Fees.

National Credit Systems Contact Info

National Credit Systems Contact

P.O. Box 312125
Atlanta, GA 31131

Phone: (800) 367-1050

Phone: (404) 629-9595

Web: National Credit Systems

How can Ramos Law Firm help me remove National Credit Systems from my credit report?

There are a two main methods that The Ramos Law Firm uses to attempt to remove an apartment debt collection from a credit report.

1. Dispute with National Credit Systems We believe that direct disputes  yield the best results when we are hired. Texas residents are owed documentation to validate the apartment debt collection within certain time frames. Even if they provide the documents, they must be compliant with Texas Property Code § 92 and Texas Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Your rights give us the opportunity to possibly find violations. Violations can possibly be used to offset the amount owed or entice the debt collector to remove the account from the credit report. Often a dispute process can take 45-90 days for a resolution.

2. Settle with National Credit Systems If you settle the apartment debt, we are often able to assist you in less than 30 days and with a cheaper legal fees. We create a Hardship letter detailing why you can not pay the full amount due. So many consumers do not go through this extra step and it will make you stand out.  We ask for removal of the account from the credit report as part of the settlement. This is often called a Pay for Delete agreement. We then obtain a written agreement that states the terms of the agreement, the full release of claims, and stating whether they will delete the account from the credit report. You review this before you make payment to them.

Who uses the phone number 404-629-9595?

The phone number 404-629-9595 is used by an apartment debt collector hired by your previous apartment complex or property management company. They claim that you owe them money for some reason. National Credit Systems may be reporting wrong information on your credit report because they are being told to do so. This is why a direct dispute of National Credit Systems’s files is very important. If they are going to report it then it must be 100% correct, verifiable, and timely. We make sure that it is and that your rights are enforced.