Credit Utilization

How Credit Utilization Works Credit Utilization is a ratio of your credit card balance to credit card limit. The higher the credit utilization, the lower your credit score will be. Even though you may be paying on time, every time, it can be alarming to a creditor that you are using too much of [...]

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The New Credit Score Hype: FICO 9

The credit world was buzzing yesterday as Fair Isaac announced their newest credit score algorithm: FICO 9. You can read the various articles at FICO 9 News Articles from Google. As a veteran of the credit industry since 2003, I do enjoy the hype of the new major FICO changes that are announced every so [...]

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New FICO Scoring Model for 2014

Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) announced a new update to the FICO® score that will be appearing this summer just in time to make that new home purchase. It is not clear whether FICO 9 will be good for consumers or not. The FICO® score takes into account hundreds of factors for an individuals that are [...]

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