Troy Capital routinely files lawsuits against Texas consumers in Justice Courts and County Courts across Texas. Often most consumers are not aware that a lawsuit has been filed until they are mailed by many Texas law firms advertising to represent them.

Options when sued by Troy Capital:

  1. Do nothing. Let them take a default judgment. If this option is chosen, Troy Capital may be able to garnish your bank accounts, hinder your ability to easily sell your home, and add a judgment in the public record of the credit report. Judgments carry a minimum interest in Texas so the amount of the judgment can be significantly higher at a later date. Judgments in Texas are initially valid for ten (10) years and can be renewed.
  2. Negotiate the lawsuit before an answer is due. Sometimes Troy Capital will agree to settle before an answer is due to the court so they can avoid the expense of litigation and ensure a settlement.
  3. Answer the Lawsuit. Sometimes consumers choose to answer the lawsuit to force Troy Capital to prove they own the debt, have the right to collect upon the debt, and have the right to file suit over the debt they purchased. Even if a consumer thinks they owe a creditor there are still many defenses they may have. Troy Capitalhas to provide the proper documentation when challenged in the legal process. [Our fees for Answering a Lawsuit]
  4. File Bankruptcy. Some consumers with a large amount of debt choose to file bankruptcy. Sometimes all of their debt can be legally discharged [wiped out]. We suggest using a Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney.

While Troy Capital does not have to take less than what is owed, we often find that with a documented hardship with other factors they may take less than what is owed. The value of hiring our law firm is the experience, knowledge, and employees to assist you in settling out your lawsuit. We have often found that clients pay less and have the entire transaction closed sooner when we are hired. We offer a flat fee structure based on who the lawsuit creditor is. We do offer payment plans.

To hire us to help you settle your Troy Capital lawsuit we need:

  • Be a Texas resident or have been a Texas resident when the alleged debt was created
  • Contact us to discuss your situation including obtaining a copy of the lawsuit
  • Sign an engagement agreement
  • Complete a negotiation questionnaire

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