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gavel photoMain Street Financial may have taken a judgment against you in a Texas court. You may have not known about the judgment until it appeared on a credit report or a title report when selling or buying a home. There are several options in releasing a judgment but settlement sometimes is the easiest, least expensive, and fastest option.

You may be required to settle a judgment from Main Street Financial when you sale or purchase a  home in Texas  based on title company and lender guidelines. You may decide to settle an Main Street Financial judgment yourself

[See How to Settle a Judgment] or you can hire a consumer credit  attorney that handles Main Street Financial judgment settlements.

While Main Street Financial does not have to take less than what is owed, we often find that with a documented hardship with other factors a judgment creditor may take less than what is owed. The value of hiring our law firm is the experience, knowledge, and employees to assist you in settling out your judgment. We have often found that clients pay less and have the entire transaction closed sooner when we are hired. We offer a flat fee structure based on who the judgment creditor is. We do offer payment plans.


To hire us to help you settle your Main Street Financial  judgment we need:

  1. Be a Texas resident or have been a Texas resident when the judgment was created
  2. Contact us to discuss your situation including obtaining a copy of the judgment
  3. Sign an engagement agreement
  4. Complete a negotiation questionnaire

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